NAME                                         ABBREVIATION              INCHES          CM    

Double Elephant Folio                                                                         50                127

Atlas folio                                                                                              25                63.5

Elephant folio                                                                                        23               58.4

Folio                                                            F, FF, ff, fol                         15                38

Quarto                                                        4to, Qto, Qto.                     12               30.5

Octavo                                                        8vo, Oct, Oct.                     9 ¾            24.8

Duodecimo                                                        12mo                            7 ¾            19.7

Sextodecimo                                                      16mo                            6 ¾            17.1

Twentyfourmo                                                  24mo                            5 ¾            14.6

Thirtytwomo                                                     32mo                             5                12.7

Fortyeightmo                                                     48mo                             4               10.2

Sixtyfourmo                                                       64mo                             3               7.6     

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